Listed Building Refurbishment

Hoban Construction provides an expert listed building restoration service to clients all across Dublin.
Ireland has a rich architectural heritage. Our cities and towns have a huge number of stunning examples of Georgian style buildings and Victorian style town houses. Unfortunately, due to neglect, these classic buildings can sometimes fall into disrepair and ruin.
Hoban Construction works closely with the restoration offices of local authorises to fully restore listed or classic buildings.
Our expert team of restoration experts aim to preserve our rich architectural landscape, by offering clients all across Dublin our expert services.

Do you have a listed our classic building in need of restoration? Then get in contact with Hoban Construction today, the listed building restoration experts.

Listed Building Upgrades

Whilst offering the very best in restoration services we’re also available to blend the conveniences of modern buildings with classic buildings. We’re available to add extensions and insulation to older buildings, whilst retaining their old world aesthetic and charm.
Our experience with period buildings allows us to upgrade these buildings – installing in them the advantages and convinces of a new property– without compromising their unique period details.
We can waterproof basements, upgrade out of date heating systems, completely rewire the building and install a modern electrical system suited to the demands of a modern household or commercial establishment.

If you want to upgrade your classic building with modern conveniences whilst retaining the building's old-world charm get in contact with Hoban Construction today.